2017 Football Season Preview

Here is my all to early and probably incorrect football predictions for the 2017 NFL season. I'm sitting here on Tuesday the 8th with a cup of coffee and I'm ready for football season! Hope you all enjoy the blog!

AFC East: New England
Really hard to bet against Tom Brady, add in the fact that they had a great off season with the addition of receiver Brandin Cooks and the Patriots might be even better then last season. Did I mention they made a historic Superbowl Comeback last night? Miami might give them a fight for the division but in the end I think Brady and co are to much to overcome.
AFC West:Oakland
Derek Carr was outstanding last year untill he lost his season to injury. No reason to think Jack Del Rio’s Raiders with a healthy Carr won’t be even better this season.
AFC North:Pittsburgh
Once again the story is about injuries. With a healthy Roethlisberger, Bell and Brown the Steelers may have the only offensive arsenal that can content with the Patriots. Look for a healt…


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